In the middle of a protracted high conflict custody battle with a domineering and controlling ex-husband, as the situation escalated to an unfathomable point, a close friend recommended Murphy. She worked tirelessly around the clock navigating the daunting task of proving my innocence in a court system that has no system, as a mother faced with the injustice of having a special needs child taken from me, the overwhelming feeling of helplessness at being unable to protect him. On every level, she aided me spiritually, emotionally, psychologically and practically to uncover, heal and reprogram many of my own inner dialogue, even the story from childhood, in order to clear the legacy of abuse and abandonment allowing me to bring my beautiful son back into my everyday life.
— A.L.H.

In the Akashic Records, we’ve gone into dialogue, discussing where I was blocked, limited… in a relationship and a poverty consciousness that was starving me. Murphy comes up with creative ways to “unstick” “unglue” “unlock” re-interpreting the behaviors and blocks. New events began to occur. New doors opened and I was able to “sit at the table.” I feel more safe in the world, more deserving and open to the “good.”

Murphy gets to the very core of the issue, stays focused there, and unlike traditional therapy, SHIFTS you (using her creativity and knowledge) into a new place where you can leave behind your past traumas and limitations.
— J.G.W.

In a very dark period in my life, when I almost lost my son, your treatments were life-saving for me. The talks combined with bodywork (moving through what was held in memory), gave so much more meaning for me, than anything else I have experienced. The tools you offered me, which i still use whenever there is a need, have given me my own drive back.

I will always, be grateful for what you did for me and my little family. I thank you from the bottom of my heart.
— With love, Kiia

Dr. Lewis has an innate gift of seeing through the veil into the “heart of the matter.” Our session was a moving meditation that deepened our understanding of all the elements needed to distill the “true essence” between my husband and me. From this “middle place,” we were able to discover and transform the otherwise unknown into a conscious-known. Within 24 hours, I could feel the energy shift and our co-created intentional transformation was made manifest. Bravo.
— S. R. Noble

Murphy had a profound and life changing impact on my life. For many years, with various teachers and some powerful healers, I’ve considered myself a work in progress. Now I realize, much of that was within an intellectual format.

With her complete dedication to her own issues and her ego-less, humble approach to helping others, Murphy was able to facilitate true change and healing, something no one else was able to accomplish.

There were many hurdles—in trusting and surrendering, in removing skepticism and self-sabotage—but once Murphy committed to me she did not let me go or let me give up until she knew, and I knew I was ready. When I waivered at all I knew it was time for a tune-up and check in with the powerful forces she accesses. Over time tune-ups became less and less necessary due to the reconfiguration of my inner dialogue. When things get tough, overwhelming or when I need to make a deeper change, knowing I have her in my corner is a tremendous comfort and a gift I am deeply grateful for.
— L.J.